Sunday, April 24, 2011

Farewell Vietnam

Well, the time has come to leave Vietnam. We are finalizing our packing, showering, and getting ready to head to the airport. It has been a wonderful trip, and I hate to leave.

Today we spent bumming around Saigon. One of our stops took us to the War Remembrance Museum. If their intention was to make American's feel bad about their countries involvement here, well, it worked. The museum is filled with many photos of the horrors of war, of course, covering only the terrible things done by American soldiers, no mention of the similar atrocities committed by the NVA and VC against those who supported the Americans. Even so, It was a far more accurate look at the war than I expected.

There was an excellent section of photographs from war correspondents, many quite graphic and disturbing, but an excellent compilation of very powerful images. Another section dealt with the lingering effects of agent orange, and the terrible birth defects it causes. Its shocking that people are still being born with birth defects stemming from agent orange use during the war. Some of the deformities are quite unbelievable. All in all I think we both left with a sense of dismay at the sheer waste of life and resources. I couldn't bring myself to take photos in the museum, I just did not feel right doing it, especially being American. Even though I was not there, I played no role, I still felt a sense of guilt for my countries actions.

On a lighter note, here are a couple quick clips from last night.

Now we are off to the airport. Tomorrow we hope to explore Seoul a little, perhaps an update should we stumble on wifi. And just because the trip has come to an end, it does not mean this blog will die. I hope to post more photos as I go through and edit once back in the States, and perhaps share stories to go along with the photos. But now, off to korea, then the long haul back to the states.

Vietnam, its been fun.

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