Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Delta Days

Woke up before the sun this morning to go for a boat ride around a floating market at sunrise. It was overcast, so no good morning light, but, it was nice and cool. The floating market was pretty neat, lots of boats, all selling different things. They advertise what they are selling it by putting it on a long stick above the boat. So, pineapple vendors will have a tall stick with pineapples tied to it.

There were a couple of cute kids on one of the boats. They would cover their faces with their books whenever I raised my camera up, then peek out, smile, and laugh. It was a fun little game.

We stopped off at a land market where we walked around.

Stopped and had breakfast at one of the local places. Sat on tiny plastic stools.

Chicken and rice, followed by fresh mango. Was quite good.

Went to an island where we fed chicken chunks to crocodiles

And walked across a monkey bridge.

A small disclaimer, i don't have time to do any real editing on the photos, they are all pretty much straight out of the camera. Hopefully prettier pictures will be posted when I am back in the states and have time to go through and properly edit.

The trip is winding down, only a few days left. Headed to Rach Gia this afternoon, then to Phu Quoc Island tomorrow. Good chance we will not have internet until back in Saigon in a few days. If we do find a connection, we will be sure to update. As always, see Brian's Blog as well for more of our adventures.

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