Saturday, May 5, 2012

Positano in the Morning

It has been a busy few days here in Italy.  Positano is a beautiful and charming city, even with its thousands upon thousands of stairs.  Yesterday morning we set off with the goal of hopping a bus to Sorrento then a train to Herculaneum.  We stood at the bus stop and waited, waited, and then for a change of pace, waited some more. After nearly an hour and a half, and no bus, some old guy finally stopped to tell us that the bus was not going to Sorrento.  Great.  Stopped in a hotel not to far away and asked the front desk what was going on.  Apparently there was a landslide on the way, and the public busses were not running due to liability issues.  All the other cars and tour buses seemed to be going, but not them.  The bus was still running to the south, so instead we headed down to the town of Amalfi for the day.  It is a nice town, but we all prefer Positano.

This morning was a particularly enjoyable morning for me.  Rising before sunrise I headed out on a walk down to the coast.  There were finally nice clouds in the sky, something to provide some drama and some color to the sunrise.  I should have left the villa a bit sooner, but, I think things worked out alright.  On my way down to the coast I shot the following of the town and the sun.

Positano Sunrise

I proceeded to wind down through the town to one of the beaches, the clouds were not quite as well lit any more, but still not too terrible.

Took a few shots on the docks for the ferry's that take you to different places.

Oh, and I am sure you all will be so happy to know that I did indeed find a good Italian beer.

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