Thursday, May 3, 2012

Oh, Good Morning Italy.

We arrived in Frankfurt Germany at 8am yesterday. What better way to start the trip than with a beer for breakfast.  We found a nice little cafe at the airport, sat by the window and watched the planes and never ending procession of baggage cars, random cars, and other airport vehicles flying around in some sort of organized chaotic tango. 


I am in Italy because of these two, Jacob and Mickey. They are going to have their wedding ceremony here and have asked me to come with as the wedding and trip photographer.  Can't pass up a chance to do that.

Our villa is quite nice, great views, plenty of space.  The only complaint we have is that we have to climb up 209 stairs to get here.  25 pound camera backpack, 7 pound laptop case, and a 46 pound suit case, let me tell you, it was a good time for sure.  Jacob definitely had the worst of it, two big rolling suitcases slung over his back.  We had to do this a couple more times as other people arrived, we definitely got our workouts for the day.  We had a nice dinner at a nearby restaurant,  with my pizza I naturally had to have beer.  I must say, Italian beer definitely leaves much to be desired.  It was not terrible, but a bit like a Heinekin.  We bought a bunch of 3,50 euro wine and a little grocery store and it was not bad at all, so, I guess I will have to switch my attention to wine for this trip

I will post photos of the villa eventually, but for now I must get ready for the day. We are trying to organize a trip to hercalanum today or tomorrow, it is one of the towns buried in the 79a.d. eruption of Vesuvius.

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