Saturday, May 21, 2011

That's alot of Dam power.

Last night I found myself wandering around the river again to do some shooting. While shooting the dam from the bridge, the dam operator asked if I would like to come shoot on the dam itself, of course I said yes, anything to get something a little different.

I donned the provided hard hat and carefully went out on the dam. I'm not sure what the real purpose of the hard hat is on the dam, I did not really feel an imminent head trauma threat, but more so the trip and fall off the dam and drown threat. Its definitely a unique perspective watching the water rage right underneath, you can definitely feel the raw power of the water. Spent some time, took some photos, chatted with the dam operator and learned a little about the workings of the dam. There is a lot more hydro-electric power being generated here than I had previously thought. All in all a pretty neat time, will have to think of a unique approach to shooting from there and go try again. I only had time to get one photo from the evening edited, perhaps more soon should I find the time to work on them, but for now I have places to be.

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