Friday, May 20, 2011

Summer? Are you here yet?

No work today, and no work yesterday, had some time to sit and tackle some editing. There are some new photos up in the Southeast Asia gallery to feast your eyes on, they will continue to trickle in as I find the time to edit, so check back.

Last night the weather was warm and calm, summer is finally within sight. I headed down to the river to a spot I just recently became aware of. The small park is secluded and quiet, and best of all you can get down to water level right next to the spill way. When I left home the clouds were nice in the east, I was hoping for them to light up nicely around sunset, but, nature doesn't follow a script, so it just means I will have to return to try again. Nothing spectacular, but here are a couple from the evening.

After some time at the dam, I headed back to the usual spot along the river to shoot a bit more.

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